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Welcome!  I'm Kate Hill and Wwwdot is my website design and social media support company. 

Wwwdot helps business owners like yourself who don't always have the time, or possibly the inclination, to target your audience with confidence and consistency through your website, various social media platforms and good old fashioned marketing promotions.

Wwwdot started life ten years ago when a friend needed a website and a presence on Facebook.  The website was a great success and I couldn't wait to design my next one.  I wanted to offer the best possible service so I took time out to learn and update relevant skills and legislation as well as recruiting a talented and friendly team who work with me.

To complement Wwwdot's website design skills, my talented team offers a photography, logo design and social media advice service to create the right impression for your business in designing a unique visual brand with a consistent identity.

At Wwwdot we understand that many developing businesses are run by people like yourself who lack the time to implement the various forms of online presence that your business needs.  It can be difficult getting your work/family/leisure balance right and that's where we can help by doing as much or as little as you need to take the pressure off and help you get that balance restored.

If you would like to have a chat to see how Wwwdot can help with your new website, refreshing your old website or promoting your social media profiles, please do get in touch. We're here to take the stress away and make it easy for you!

We look forward to hearing from you!



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For YOU... it's a dedicated and professional Website Design and Social Media Support service until you're delighted!

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